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Windsurf Spot Guide – Table bay, West coast and Cape Peninsula

Cape Town lies at the southernmost tip of South Africa. Due to the good geographical position huge atlantic swell rolls onto the coastline. At the same time, the “Cape Peninsula”, which extends from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope between the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean is one of the windiest places in the world. This combination allows sensational windsurfing conditions.

Whether you’re a big wave rider a pure freestyler or even a newcomer – fun is guaranteed! Many professional surfers have chosen Cape Town as their winter training ground. The big wave spots of the area are almost all in the vicinity of the Cape, but also Sunset Beach can be ripped thoroughly. All major spots can be reached from the Cape Surf Hostel by car within 10 min. Bloubergstrand is even within walking distance!

The great windsurfing conditions that we experienced in Cape Town on our first trip were never forgotten. This is why we have made this city our home! Apart from Hawaii Cape Town must be THE top windsurfing spot in the world. In summer the southeaster regularly blows with 20 or more knots! Depending on the spot you choose either rip in moderate or radical conditions!

Table bay

Milnerton Lighthouse

This spot has a small clean break. Through the side-off wind there is little wind in front. You therefore need to fight a bit to get out. Perfect wave riding in clean and long waves. The spot usually works about an hour earlier than Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is the classic under the city spots of Cape Town. The wave-size ranges between one meter and one meter above mast. The spot is a dorado for wave riders. The southeaster is slightly offshore, which keeps the face steep. Rides are extremely fast, down the line and sometimes unbelievably long. Great for big aerials! If you have someone to pick you up, you can go 4km downwind in great waves.

Big Bay

No other windsurf spot combines as many advantages as the Big Bay: large parking lot, shopping center, toilets and a lawn where you can rigg your gear. The wind is slightly onshore and very good for jumping! Good spot for wave beginners or when other spots get too brutal. You will usually ride about one or two sail sizes bigger than Sunset Beach. Unless the wind at Sunset is extremely offshore. In this case you will find just as much wind here in perfect side shore conditions.


When the wind is perfect side shore and the swell size bigger than normal, Haagkat’s mammoth waves give you a very long clean ride. Sometimes the breaks are very hollow and create excellent ramps for those B I G Air’s. Beware of the shore break – it can be extremely high and drop you and your gear on the beach in a very expensively agonizing manner. Additionally there is a strong rip close to the beach. The reef, on which the waves break are covered in kelp, bringing panic to ones eyes, when you lay in front of a monster wave and due to lack of wind are struggling to get back on your board. Best conditions in Haagkat are at high tide and enormous swell. Epic for wave riding. Locals call it SA’s Hookipa.

West Coast


10 minute drive away from Table View, there is the wide and huge Van Riebeeck beach, locally known as Melkbos. So named after the town right next to the beach. Waves run in sets. Choose as wave sizes differ depending on the sandbars, tide and swell size. For many, this is the best in the Table bay. Wind is predominantly side shore and it is suitable for both jumping and wave riding alike. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon, and the wave size is usually a meter higher than Sunset. Best sets normally run at low tide.


If you need to rig your 3,5 m2 sail in Table bay, you will find awesome conditions here for your 4,5 m2 or 5 m2 sail. Waves in front of the sandy beach are usually much higher than in Table Bay but the break is mostly harmless and quite predicable – perfect for wave riding. When the swell is big, the wave breaks across the whole bay, starting in the left corner and running as a point break along the beach – bottom turn after bottom turn. With a bit of luck you’ll be fortunate enough to get one of these unforgettable classic days at Yzerfontein.


Langebaan is located about 80 km north of Table View. The warm water of the lagoon invites beginners, advanced windsurfers and kite surfers to put on their boardshorts and leave the wetsuit at the beach – if they are brave. Beginners and freestylers will find it a perfect training spot. Sometimes small waves make their way to the lagoon and allow you to get an introduction to wave sailing.


Meanwhile, Elandsbaai is accessible via a tarred road which cuts your travel time from Cape Town to two hours. Elandsbaai is a very windy fishing village on the rugged West Coast. Due to the location Elands has its own thermals – also due to that it is much hotter up there than here. In summer the wind blows almost every from about 14.00 hrs. Although Elandsbaai is no longer a secret spot, we ask you dearly to show sensitivity towards the local surfers. Due to strong beach break and the perfect side shore from your left you can already do jumps in front of the campsite when the waves are small. If it gets really big the waves break fast and far out in front of the reef. At times mast high, but still easy to ride. When you come closer to the reef the inside section begins. Here the wind turns to offshore and the wave is hollow and fast. What is more, there are always a lot of surfers sitting in the inside section no matter how strong the wind is. There is an unwritten law that from here the wave belongs to the surfers. Please show respect so that we can continue windsurfing here for years to come.

Cape Peninsula

Platboom Beach

Platboom Beach is located in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, on the southwestern tip of Africa! The water is crystal clear and the waves are huge. Nowhere else is windsurfing as exciting as here at the “Cape of Storms”. Platboom is not only popular with windsurfers because of its gigantic landscape but also because of the good jump and ride conditions. Depending on the sandbanks and tides this is sometimes more, sometimes less so! Entry is via a tiny sandy beach. Otherwise all are rocks and stones. Entirely in Lee, there is another sandy bay which can be used as emergency landing in case you break a mast!

Scarborough Point

The point break over the reef which is covered in kelp only works when the waves are 3 1/2 meters or higher. For many Scarborough Point is now “the” big wave spot! Often, the waves here are mast high or even higher. Incredibly perfect riding conditions! The rocks are very dangerous! Caution: on the inside of the bay the wind is deflected by the surrounding mountains, and it comes directly offshore. This makes it quite difficult to come back to the relatively small beach!


The southeaster comes onto Witsands side onshore from the left and is perfect for jumping. However, the wave breaks on an offshore sand bank, close out depending on the tide. Nevertheless, a most excellent spot, suitable for small to medium sized waves where also the less experienced riders will have a lot of fun.

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