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Surf Spot Guide – Tableview

Wave riding in Cape Town is the dream of many surfers. We promise you an extremely relaxing holiday with us in the CAPE SURF HOSTEL. The South African lifestyle also reflects on the water.

The atmosphere is tolerant and relaxed. There are enough waves for everyone.

Cape Town with its unique location between two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian, gives you a variety of different surf spots and waves. Whether you’re on a short- or longboard, beginner or expert, everyone will find “his” surf.

Even trips to world-famous spots like Jeffreys- or Elandsbay can be done from Cape Town. So you can rip the cleanest waves and reef breaks that can be found in the world and simultaneously learn about the South African way of living and loving the surf: the daily swell report can be heard on the radio in the early mornings, the detergent is called SURF and after school, the parents take their kids to the beach!

Surfboards from South Africa are among the best in the world and can be bought from the local shapers at unbeatable prices!

Those who would like try out surfing can just ask us and we will organize a rental or surf lesson.

The Wedge

Coming from Cape Town “The Wedge” is the first spot along the endless beach which stretches as far as Table View. The waves flow around a harbor wall and unite with the waves running further down the bay. Can break very hollow but offers some excellent barrels!


The further you go into Table Bay the smaller the waves as the swell in Cape Town has to run around the bay. In light South-Easter or offshore winds you occasionally get a very clean and small wave! Perfect for longboarding, but you can also rip the wave with a shortboard.

Milnerton Lighthouse

This spot is pretty far into Table Bay. Therefore, the wave is always smaller than at Sunset Beach. The wind is side-offshore. The mostly small wave is clean and does not break as fast as at Sunset. Ideal for wave beginners!

Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Beach is the spot to the right of Dolphin Beach Hotel, located on the coast road just before Tableview. Depending on the sandbanks, you can find clean waves. The biggest advantage: as long as there is no wind it is very empty.


The Seli which stranded here in 2009 changed this part of the ocean so much that a good right and left wave developed. Works best at low tide.

Blouberg Beach

Blouberg Beach has a very long beach. Just in front of the restaurant “Doodles” you will find a rocky reef which is situated a bit offshore. In case the swell gets bigger and there is no wind or just a slight southeaster or offshore wind this spot can build up perfect long rides. You will also find that the small swell gives a good beachbreak. Just watch the spot closely as the breaks always change depending on the position of the sandbanks.

Big Ba

Being the most surfed spot in the Table Bay it becomes very crowded here on weekends – both on the beach and in the water. Unfortunately Big Bay does not work very often. But when the swell gets huge and the other spots get out of control you will be able to ride a long shoulder here which runs far from the outside to the inner left bay. But also on small days you can occasionally catch a good wave. The great thing about Big Bay is that it is framed by two rocky outcrops which make you feel safe.


This spot is on the right side of Big Bay. If all the factors match, you will find a clean, long left wave here with really good sections. Works at low tide and no wind or light South Easter.

Horse Trail

“Horse Trail” is also located on the right hand side of Big Bay between Karma and “Eerste Steen”. Here you can find some hollow beach breaks and the spot is surfable to the left and the right. Horse Trail is usually better than one would expect from the beach and works with every tide.

Derde Steen

Derde Steen is probably the best spot in the Bay and also our favorite. In small to head high waves it creates different peaks with a fast and hollow left that can be great for tube rides. The right is rather short, but still powerful…When there is a swell, waves break more to the outside, creating perfect A-frame peaks which are impressive in size.

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